Benjamin Moritz is an Executive Partner and part of the 2018 founding team of HQ Asset Management (HQAM). HQAM is a quantitative and scientific-driven asset management firm, based in Germany, combining Finance with Artificial Intelligence and Technology to build better products. The edge of HQ Asset Management is their own innovative investment process platform which features a central data warehouse with alternative data sources, methods from artificial intelligence, cutting-edge technology, high performance cloud computing and an extensive reporting pipeline to get advanced and robust investment processes for stock selection and asset allocation.

Benjamin joined the Quantitative Asset Management industry in 2007. He has extensive industry experience in research and portfolio management. He was responsible for developing solutions for strategical asset allocation, tactical asset allocation, risk management, stock selection, factor investing and portfolio optimization.

Beside the job Benjamin did his PhD studies from 2012 to 2018. He holds a PhD in Statistics from Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich (LMU) where he focused on the application of machine learning to stock selection and textual analysis to asset allocation. In 2015 Benjamin and his co-author won the Best Paper Award at the Annual Meeting of the German Finance Association for their paper on introducing machine learning techniques to stock selection. In 2021 Benjamin has won the first Advancement Award for Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Sector of Plexus Investments for his PhD Thesis. Since 2017, Benjamin is advising students from LMU Munich and the University of California, Berkeley in their thesis and industry projects.

Technical skills
Benjamin has skills in modern team organization (Data Engineering, Data Science, DevOps) and software engineering principles (Agile, Scrum, Clean Code and more). His coding skills include R, Python, Matlab, SQL, C++. He is using a modern technology stack (e.g. Github, Cloud Computing, Containerization (e.g. Docker), Shell scripting) at HQ Asset Management.

Business skills
He worked in large companies, co-founded a start-up and led students in academic projects. He managed both large cross-functional projects and small teams of students. He has experience in developing ideas from vision to pitch to MVP and to production.

Benjamin frequently speaks at conferences and seminars in academia and industry.

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