Benjamin Moritz is Head of Quantitative Investment Research at FINVIA.

After graduating in business mathematics from Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, he worked at Sal. Oppenheim in Cologne from 2008 to 2018. There, he managed the investment processes for the bank’s Strategic Asset Allocation and Annual Investment Outlook across all divisions. He was also jointly responsible for the Tactical Asset Allocation for institutional and private clients as well as responsible portfolio manager for five mutual and special funds. Complementing his work, he completed his PhD at LMU Munich under Prof. Stefan Mittnik from 2012 to 2018. He presented his research in computer-based text analysis for asset allocation as well as machine learning for stock selection worldwide and received two awards. In 2018, he continued his career at the newly founded HQ Asset Management. There he developed an investment platform as well as cross-divisional investment processes for asset allocation and stock selection, where he integrated his research findings. Since 2017, he has regularly supervised students from, for example, LMU Munich, UC Berkeley and TU Munich in master’s theses and industry projects on current topics in investment research.