Year University Student(s) Thesis / Project Topic
2017 University of Zurich Claudio Ambühl Master Thesis Assessing the individual risk tolerance of retail investors – risk profiling in theory and praxis
2018 LMU Munich David Milewski Master Thesis Forecasting Financial Time Series with Deep Learning
2018 LMU Munich Karem El-Oraby + Raphael Rehms Industry Project Forecasting Financial Markets with Text Data
2020 LMU Munich Cem Öztürk Master Thesis A comprehensive analysis of the use of deep learning models for forecasting the cross-section of stock returns
2020 UC Berkeley Zacharie Bouhnik + William Lambert Industry Project Business News Topic Modeling
2020 UC Berkeley Alex Bietrix + Paul-Noël Digard Industry Project Analysis of stock return predictors using profitability metrics
2020 UC Berkeley Arthur Ji + Shimai Zhang Industry Project LSTM for Stock Return Prediction and Portfolio Construction
2020 UC Berkeley Jiayin Guo + Yvonne Zhu Industry Project Interpretable Models for Portfolio Management
2021 UC Berkeley Taige Hong Industry Project Investment Strategy with Long History Data and Feature Engineering
2021 UC Berkeley Ayush Gupta Industry Project Forecasting stock market returns – Focus: AutoML
2021 UC Berkeley Kunal Chakraborty Industry Project Forecasting stock market returns – Focus: Ensemble
2021 UC Berkeley Alec Madayan Industry Project Forecasting stock market returns – Focus: Deep Learning
2021 UC Berkeley Philip Spalding Industry Project Ensemble Sentiment Dictionaries for Financial Applications
2021 UC Berkeley Neil Gulati Industry Project Textual Analysis on Financial Statements to Forecast Single Stock Returns with ESG Verbiage
2021 UC Berkeley Yifei Tong Industry Project Studying the Relationship between Amazon Customer Reviews and Stock Returns
2022 TU Munich Dominik Eichhorn Master Thesis Empirical Asset Pricing via Machine Learning – An after trading costs perspective
2022 UC Berkeley Divya Singh Industry Project Evaluating Performance of Volatility Managed Portfolios with Machine Learning and macroeconomic data
2022 UC Berkeley Andrew Lazzeri Industry Project Using Machine Learning to Develop Equity Style Rotation Strategies
2022 UC Berkeley Peter Masforroll Industry Project Volatility Managed Factor Portfolios Leveraging Machine Learning and Macroeconomic Data
2022 UC Berkeley Nathan Sheng Industry Project Stock Selection with Deep Learning
2022 TU München Antonio Di Giovanni Master Thesis Automatically tuned deep neural networks applied in forecasting the cross-section of stock returns
2023 LMU Munich Dennis Mao PhD Thesis DCC-GARCH-COPULA Models
2023 Frankfurt School Jan-Luca Frick Internship Multi-Period Portfolio Optimization
2023 UC Berkeley Elisa Piaraly Industry Project Dynamic Portfolio Allocation in Goal-Based Wealth Management for Multiple Time Periods
2023 UC Berkeley Mélanie Fabiani Industry Project Deep understanding of the Python Package „riskfolio-lib“ and empirical application
2023 UC Berkeley Juliette Ould-Aklouche Industry Project Cash Flow Models for Alternative Investments
2023 University of Cologne > 20 Students Industry Project Machine Learning for Economists